Marketing Account Manager

Lemon Seed Marketing
Job Description

Job Overview
A Marketing Account Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of key clients, helping build solid
relationships, and develop and implement effective and creative marketing initiatives across online and off-line channels.

Duties and Responsibilities
Creative Strategy Implementation for all tactics and clients
Brainstorming meetings and contributing ideas to the team
Assisting in client pitches and creative presentation
Key account client research
Providing creative solutions to client concerns, ideas and issues
Client research, including telephone and internet research
Taking project briefs and managing the progress and production of client projects
Liaising with external suppliers
Managing internal work such as creative copywriting, graphic and digital design
Participate in weekly Zoom calls with professionalism and expertise.
Collect and analyze market data
Identify target audiences and understand their behavior and habits
Determine the best media outlet mix for our campaigns
Optimize ad campaigns according to geographic exposure, frequency, time spans and more
Allocate budgets and monitor costs
Follow media trends of online and offline outlets (TV shows, magazines, blogs, radio programs)
Evaluate the success of media strategies and campaigns
Other duties as required

Skills / Attributes Required
Degree in Marketing or equivalent professional qualification
Out of the box, creative thinker
Ability to multi-task
Excellent writing skills
Proven marketing experience
Proven experienceas a Media Planner; experience in digital media is preferred
Excellent communication and teamwork skills
An analytical mind with an aptitude for statistics and math
Strong decision-making skills
Knowledge of professional looking graphics and marketing messaging.
BS/BA in Marketing, Business Administration or similar field
Good organizational skills
Microsoft Office Suite

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