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Executive Director, JA Angelina County

Posted: 03/24/2024

Are you ready to join an organization where you can provide proven impact to students and change the trajectory of their lives? Envision all Americans living lives with financial knowledge and freedom. At Junior Achievement of Dallas, we get to work toward that goal every day. Although not always easy, lives are changed.

You can achieve professional growth with personal fulfillment. You will connect with people and make a lifechanging impact and partner with schools, companies, individuals, and others to ensure everyone has access to choices for a financially healthy life.
Junior Achievement of Dallas is committed to diversity, equity and inclusiveness in our employees, board members, volunteers, and the students we serve. We offer our employee’s professional development and growth opportunities, a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and a collaborative team spirit environment.

Title:                  Executive Director, JA Angelina County
Scope:              Full Time Position (Exempt/Salaried)
Reports to:       JA of Tyler Regional Executive Director which reports to JA of Dallas President & CEO
Benefits:           401k, Health, Dental, Vision, Group Term Life Insurance, Short Term Disability, PTO, 11 Paid Holidays
Salary Range:  $50,000 - $57,000

The Angelina County Executive Director provides direction and leadership for the Junior Achievement of Angelina County operations, and has overall responsibility for fundraising, volunteer recruitment, special events, program growth & quality, public relations, marketing, and board development & administration. Also responsible for upholding quality standards for the organization and for assuring adherence to program standards.

Leadership Competencies:
•Articulates the organization's mission, vision, and values effectively.
•Communicates with stakeholders, including board members, staff, donors, and the community.
  Listens actively and encourages open dialogue within the organization.
•Represents the organization professionally in public forums and media.

2.Relationship Building:
•Cultivates strong relationships with key stakeholders, including donors, partners, government agencies, and the community.
•Collaborates with other organizations and stakeholders to advance common goals.
•Builds and maintains a diverse network of contacts.

3. Mission-Driven Leadership:
•Aligns all activities and decisions with the organization's mission and values.
•Inspires passion and commitment to the cause among staff, volunteers, donors, and stakeholders.
•Keeps the mission at the forefront of strategic planning and decision-making processes.

4. Ethical Leadership:
•Demonstrates integrity, honesty, and transparency in all actions.
•Upholds ethical standards and promotes a culture of accountability.

5. Influence:
•Seeks first to understand the other person’s point of view and remains calm in challenging situations.
•Empathetically listens and communicates for understanding when negotiating and dealing with conflict.
•Serves as a community leader building collaborations based on trust and credibility
•Is recognized as an inspirational community leader who navigates complex political and social circles with ease.

6.Problem-Solving and Decision Making:
•Identifies challenges and develops creative solutions.
•Makes well-informed decisions based on analysis and consultation.
•Handles crises calmly and effectively.
•Evaluates risks and opportunities to inform decision-making.

Primary Responsibilities:
▪Strategic Leadership: Develop and execute strategic plans in alignment with the organization's mission, vision, and values.
▪Financial Management: Oversee budgeting, financial planning, and financial reporting to ensure the organization's financial health and sustainability.
▪Fundraising and Development: Lead fundraising efforts, including donor cultivation, grant writing, and sponsorship acquisition.
▪Board Relations: Work closely with the board of managers to provide guidance, support, and regular updates on organizational activities.
▪Program Management: Oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services to ensure they effectively meet the needs of the community or target population.
▪Staff Management: Recruit, hire, and supervise staff, providing mentorship, professional development opportunities, and performance feedback.
▪External Relations: Serve as the primary representative of the organization to stakeholders, including donors, partners, government agencies, and the media.
▪Advocacy and Public Relations: Advocate for the organization's mission and goals through public speaking engagements, local media appearances, and community outreach efforts.
▪Strategic Partnerships: Identify and cultivate strategic partnerships with other organizations, businesses, and community groups to enhance the organization's impact and reach.
▪Evaluation and Impact Assessment: Establish metrics and evaluation frameworks to measure the effectiveness of programs and initiatives and use data to inform decision-making and drive continuous improvement.
▪Ethical Leadership: Uphold high ethical standards and ensure transparency, accountability, and integrity in all aspects of the organization's operations.
▪Visionary Leadership: Provide visionary leadership to inspire and motivate staff, volunteers, and stakeholders towards achieving the organization's goals and vision for the future.
▪Continual Learning and Growth: Stay informed about emerging trends, best practices, and innovations in the nonprofit sector, and seek opportunities for professional development and organizational growth.
▪Other projects as required, including JA representation on weeknights, weekends, and holidays.
Education/Experience Required:
•Must have three to five years proven experience in corporate, foundation and individual relationship development and event management.
•Strong organizational, written/oral, interpersonal and presentation skills.
•Demonstrate ability to effectively engage with Community Leaders.
•Strong time management skills;
•Familiar with Microsoft Office Suite and experience with donor database software.
•Degree preferred

Interested individuals should send resume and cover letter to Tamiko Stenline at

Junior Achievement of Dallas recruits, employs, trains, compensates and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law.
This position description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position. Employees will be required to follow any other job-related duties required by their supervisor. This document does not create an employment contract implied or otherwise, other than an "at-will" relationship.

Junior Achievement Angelina County
Tamiko Stenline

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