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East Texas Alliance of Hope

East Texas Alliance of Hope


About Us


East Texas Cancer Alliance of Hope began on March 4th, 2014 when I received the news that at just 30 years old, I had metastatic breast cancer. Although I was clearly not thinking of creating a non-profit organization at the time, I can clearly see how God has orchestrated my cancer journey to exactly where I am today. Founding East Texas Cancer Alliance of Hope!

Throughout my cancer journey, I was more than taken care of. I can recall having a need and praying about it and before I had the chance to worry about it, the need had been met. Seriously! God has truly blessed me! I am a firm believer that when God blesses you; you in turn should be a blessing to others.

There are far too many people right here in East Texas who are not as fortunate as I was. They make decisions no one should have to make, daily. The choice of paying an electric bill or buying lifesaving medications, or gas in the car or food in the refrigerator… there should be options for each person fighting for their lives.

I am humbled to initiate and collaborate with others who feel the way I do; in assisting those in need in the East Texas area with TANGIBLE HOPE. I am honored to continue this journey with those who continue to fight and our community.

So, how do we fuel this journey? With perseverance, and partnerships with individuals and organizations in our community who share our mission, passion, and determination to make a TANGIBLE impact on those in need.

I am very proud of this organization and what it stands for, TANGIBLE HOPE and for those whom

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