St. Patrick Catholic School

St. Patrick Catholic School



About Us

St. Patrick Catholic School is a unique interwoven community of students, teachers, staff, parents, religious vocations, Priests, and Parishioners. Our purpose is to evangelize: Make the good news of Jesus Christ known to all. We accomplish this through the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of each child. Together we teach our young people to extend an open hand to all, and to be sensitive and responsive to their needs as well as those of their neighbors. We believe education and learning should be flexible, enjoyable, informative, and formative while providing opportunities to exercise responsible judgment. With all sectors working in harmony, St. Patrick Catholic School makes a decisive difference for each child, family, our church community, and the world.

Our Mission
St. Patrick is a co-educational Catholic school serving students of all faiths in grades PreK3 through 8th. We offer exceptional educational opportunities to our students, and are dedicated to their spiritual, academic, and physical development. Our programs emphasize religious education, advanced curriculum, technology, and physical fitness. Students learn the skills that empower them to excel in today’s society.


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